About EBMApp

EBMApp is a non-profit internet tool for medical diagnoses based on symptoms and a sophisticated patented algorithm. It is created in cooperation with the University-Hospital of Hamburg in Germany (Demo-Video: www.ansay.de/demo).

"Google will copy this idea."

Prof. Dr. Karl Wegscheider, Director, Epidemiological Institute, University-Hospital of Hamburg

To deliver the best possible diagnosis, EBMApp orientates to the guidelines of academic medicine and for the first time in history fulfills them with the help of IT ("Information Technology") and EBM ("Evidence-Based Medicine").

"The idea of the diagnosis-App is really brilliant and simulates the diagnosis-practice of physicians very good. (…) The algorithm already takes into account various logical principles, which derivate from the probability theory (Bayes-theory, total probability theory etc.). (...) very professional"

Prof. Dr. S., Director, Epidemiological Institute

According to a pilot-study EBMApp is already usable for the diagnosis of Ebola with an accuracy of 83% - far more accurate than the professional diagnosis tool "GIDEON", which charges 1.000 $ per year.

"The tool is useful for early diagnosis of Ebola or any other disease."

Prof. Dr. Önder Ergönül, Koç Uni-Klinik Istanbul

In the beginning EBMApp covers only limited symptoms like "fever", "pain > muscles" and "nose > congested".

To cover all symptoms the necessary data has to be entered into the database. Your help is welcome in a global network of experts.